Friday, June 13, 2008

apologies around

I started the day with a very cool vibe - graduation last night went SPECTACULARLY [more later] then I had delicious little pizza rolls with my man; got up & ready early; had an oatmeal carmelita + soy chai on the way to school. Once I got there, a few brown-nosers good kids were coerced volunteered to round up all the recycling in the building. Good stuff.

Then. Only a handful of students bothered showing up for Leadership (sun shining = school skipping? Obviously I've failed them somehow) and those who did attend were already caught up with their work. Not my problem, sure, but a bit of a drag. I did, however, bring Little Debby Fat Snacks Nutty Bars as a treat for the faithful.

Advocacy was also a bit sparse, but at least those who came were working to put their folders together. But in Literature, we're watching The Great Gatsby and comparing it to the novel - that's kind of fun, right? I mean, it's a MOVIE DAY. With SNACKS. Bitch bitch bitching about how OLLLLLLLD the movie is and WEIRRRRRRRD. There are a bunch of people in danger of failing without projects completed, so I did give the option of working on those instead; one taker. The others? Mostly zoning out, some actually trying to have rollicking conversations with each other (I used my mean teacher/end of the frickin' year voice with them, which was the safer alternative to beating their teenage heads against the wall). Whew.

Then I brought that rotten attitude home with me and offended my best friend within minutes of getting out of my car. She just wanted to share a little fun fantasy she had today of buying a lavendar VW bug and I got all practical and [worse] bitchy about it. Even my apology was rude and all I can do is offer to buy her a coffee when we head out for more neighborhood garage sales tomorrow morning. I'm surprised she's still willing to come with me; maybe she's plotting to poison my Starbucks.

[This is where I say I'm sorry. The bug really would be cool; I'm an idiot.]