Monday, October 13, 2008

F for participation (and Frick)

I told the smart and lovely and kind Mrs. G at Derfward Manor that I would play her "Day in the Life" game today, but alas I forgot.

I would love to have had you peek at me getting out bed, finally, at 7:15 (even though I was asleep by 9:20 last night). Included would be a look at me waking children to take showers, cajoling children into having hot lunch because I hadn't put anything together yet, reminding everyone I would not be home before 6pm, and eating a granola bar in the car. Also me singing to an old song on the alternative rock station.

It would have been great for you to witness various slackers in my Tech class surreptitiously perusing Craigslist when they thought I wasn't looking. And you could also have seen the rock star students who actually played the assigned Traveler IQ game until they got to at least Level 6.

I would have posted a picture of 25+ kids folding letters & stuffing envelopes under threat of a low participation grade out of the goodness of their teenage hearts to help make light of a big mailing project.

There would be my You Are Wasting Everyone's Precious Learning Time face during Freshman English, followed by a look at the bravery exhibited by kids reading poetry to the class (as well as my I Totally Knew You Could Do It-You're Fabulous face). Plus a gratuitous shot of the much-heralded document camera in action.

Then I'd show you the district office where I updated my insurance for the year and where our staff presented our Reasons We Deserve An Actual Building to the school board (which went quite well; we've scheduled a public hearing for the end of the month). Picture us warily pleased.

A shot of tired husband making mac & cheese, son practicing trombone, daughter drawing various hybrid creatures, and me kicking off professional-looking teacher shoes.

I'll try to do better tomorrow, but I can't guarantee anything more thrilling than what you've just not witnessed.


Very Mary said...

I saw it all perfectly, I promise! I think because I made those same faces and kicked off those same shoes.

shrink on the couch said...

"the bravery exhibited by kids reading poetry to the class"

I'd love to be in your shoes when this happens. To witness their most revealing selves.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

According to my rubric you're only missing points out of the "Contains Photographs" category. You get full points on the rest.

AngelConradie said...

well i thought that was interesting!

Shana said...

No photos needed, it was like we were there : )

Are the school kids savvy enough to distinguish between the You Are Wasting Everyone's Precious Learning Time face and the I Totally Knew You Could Do It-You're Fabulous face?

holly said...

okay. you may not think it was thrilling, but *i* spent my day taking usb keys out of boxes, and logging their serial numbers into a database.



i did spend a few minutes writing a program to get the serial numbers copied for me. mu hu ha ha ha ha. but really that was the only exciting bit.

oh god. i just said that was exciting. i need a reality check.

Anonymous said...

I was just over at the "manor" and was reminded that I had volunteered to participate in this post. Woe is me. I'm SO BEHIND!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I think Monday was not the day to document. All of us were caught off guard.

I like your days; no visuals required.

dkuroiwa said...

I was confused because I thought it was for Monday, yet many people did Sunday...but it was a holiday for me anyway so I just winged it!
Yours' passed, I do believe...the "no pictures" thing? We don't need no stinkin' pictures!

MJ said...

I popped over from Oliver Rain's blog because I noticed your recent post with a reference to 1980s music! My dh is busy watching Charlie Rose so I won't play the Youtube link! I just wanted to reassure you that you are far braver than me to even attempt to describe a day in your life! I fear I'd be too detailed and lose the few remaining readers I have!


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