Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a night in the life of...

Well, I was too bloody lazy to get my camera at 6:00 this morning (when I awoke, walked into the bathroom to turn off my alarm, then went back to bed until 7:15), too busy engaging in my self-imposed urgency to document getting ready, and then the rest was relatively tedious and/or embarrassing, so here instead are some pics from Friday's fun.

Our posh choice for the evening.

Lovely ladies at my table

The posh menu [with humorous asides]

Awaiting my freshly shaken drink

Glitter Pants for me!
(Oh yes that is a rock candy stick garnish)

Time for a work-of-art dessert

Yes. Candied bacon on chocolate torte.
Swear. to. God.

And it was good.