Wednesday, October 15, 2008

gotta have friends

My best friend Jen & I joke, whenever one of us mentions going somewhere without the other, that we aren't allowed to make new friends. We are all we need! And it is definitely true, for me, that I have never had someone like her in my life - before she moved in across the street (how lucky am I??), I was still referring to the girls I went to high school with as 'my best friends.' I have had close colleagues wherever I've worked, neighbors I would invite to dinner occasionally or play Bunco with monthly, but until five years ago I had no girlfriend I trusted enough to share my shortcomings & insecurities with; no one to sit & drink tea with for hours.

Yet here we go, making new friends despite ourselves. The beauty of it is that we are so comfortable & confident that it is possible to branch out without weakening our relationship [I feel like I'm channeling Oprah; please forgive]. We've survived - and really, thrived - bringing Mama Milton into our circle; in fact, she is the swing vote to our opposite choices for president. (Never fear, I'm pretty sure Lisa will choose wisely...).

Tonight I met with a lovely, delightful woman who contacted me via PTA first about a legislative issue, but then remarked that she loved my blog and would like to have coffee with me. How fabulously cool and 1950s friendly is that? Except for the blog part, of course. As I've been getting immersed in the world of Mad Men, I find myself longing (again; I once desperately wished to be transported to Milwaukee circa Happy Days) to be living in a time of extreme etiquette, dress- & heel-wearing and getting hair & nails done every other day. As silly as it might seem, I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood partly because I want to go next door and borrow sugar. Getting in touch with someone to meet over coffee feels like a step in that direction; I almost wanted to put on a fresh outfit with hat & gloves.

I'm not looking for a return to smoking everywhere and talking around certain subjects, but making time to sit & chat with girlfriends, old & new, seems divine.