Thursday, December 11, 2008

no cheese with this whine

Last night, something I ate or drank briefly turned me into Ideal Woman - I tidied the kitchen, made kids' lunches, finished laundry, spent a half hour with Wii Fit ("Hello! I see it's been 46 days since you worked out! How are you feeling?" Cheeky little balance board bastard), watched a Sopranos episode and got to bed by 11:00. Then up at 6 a.m., ate a reasonable breakfast, did a little Sun Salutation, read my new Real Simple for 20 minutes, got ready and left for school by 7:45. I felt so accomplished, if a little Stepfordish.

But as I was leaving the house, something tweaked in my neck & shoulder. I spent the day in that aggravating stance of not trying to baby the area yet being unable to resist because it hurt so effing much. Driving home I started to feel so tired I wanted to pull over and nap, yet I managed to be Nearly Ideal Mom as I sorted Christmas presents in the spare room, got Mason to his play rehearsal on time, found nearly-new copies of the first two Christopher Paolini books at Goodwill for $4.99 each, did not resort to packaged or fast food for dinner [not that there's anything wrong with that]. However, I barely made it through Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and a chapter of Wrinkle in Time; I slipped under the covers of my bed, fully clothed, while Stu tucked the kids in. My diehard commitment to posting everyday, plus Stu's promise to rub my neck (okay, mostly the promise - thank you, besthusbandever), got me out of bed and onto the couch for an hour.

And now, my throat is starting to hurt. Waaaaah.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

OH! Your poor little neck and shoulder. It was that damn Wii Fit that did it. You should have left it in the box where it could do no harm. Like mine. Still there. In the box. Unopened.

Hey! Maybe I can wrap it and give it to my family for Christmas. They've likely all forgotten about it by now.

Gretchen said...

Girl, get better and rest. WE love ya!

Shana said...

Start hitting the Emergen-C, stat! For the throat, that is, not the neck and shoulder.

I could use a little dose of stepford-ish-ness every now and then.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Backrubs and Emergen-C sound right.

Please feel better soon. :)

Sarcasm is just one more service I offer. said...

Haha, I love the first part where you said that something you ate or drank briefly turned you into Ideal Woman. That happened to me a few days ago too. For some reason I just felt like cleaning, which never My fiance was like, "Are you okay?".lol

On a different note, I hope your feeling better. :o)

Anonymous said...

Dude, but it STARTED out well?!

dkuroiwa said...

So if you ever figure out what it was that you "ate or drank"...let me know, 'cause honey...boy do I need some of that!!
I hope you're feeling better...I knew there was a reason Wii would not be good...I think I'll do one better than our friend Cheri and not even get one. That'll save me a lot of tears and pain.
Take a rest this weekend!! more backrubs!!


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