Saturday, December 13, 2008

starring bad mom as the mouse king

A production of The Nutcracker has descended on my school building once again - we have a pretty cool auditorium that is frequently used by the community, and my classroom was once upon a time the Green Room. So whenever performing groups come in, they greedily eye my space. Usually, I shudder at the requests stamp my feet & shake my head take a deep breath and grudgingly share. Usually, people are reasonable and respectful of my volumes of clutter crap Very Important Stuff. Usually.

Last year, the feathered & sequined ballerinas molted in my space for two weeks; I'm still finding bobby pins & glitter in strange places. Besides leaving pieces of their costumes behind, a few times I returned to my room to find books knocked over, colored pencils broken, and erasures run through my lesson plans on the whiteboard. Individually, maybe spread over a bunch of visits, those things are not a big deal. Cumulatively though, and in my OCD world, they add up to A Big Deal. I had words with some people last year and was assured that only responsible individuals would be allowed in my room, and I would be informed beforehand; this allows me to bring the crazy down a notch.

This week, however, I was not informed about Nutcrackers using my room yet came in Friday morning to find both doors unlocked, books askew, a hanger left behind, and an open bottle of water on my desk [visions of ruined papers danced in my head]. I doublechecked with our secretary because sometimes I can be wrong mistaken about things, but no one was scheduled to be in my classroom. So I designed some colorful instructional signs (colorful as in Sharpie markers, not language) and taped them to my doors; for good measure, I posted on the whiteboard "Please Keep Out" notices our secretary later printed for me.

On my way out yesterday afternoon, the ballet director stopped me in the hall - mere feet from my doors & the colorful signs - and hoped I wasn't locking everything up. I answered that I was indeed, since no one was supposed to be using my classroom. A generally cordial but circular argument ensued wherein he said his contract allowed his people in my room and I replied that the operations person did not contact me or my administrators about it; we finally got to me hoping he could make do with the other [adequately sized, right next to mine, not nearly as full of things people can't resist messing with] room available, and him hoping I didn't return to "a surprise on Monday." I'm not quite sure if that was a threat or an apology in advance; either way, it leaves me itching for a fight.

I think my army could take their ballerinas.


Shana said...

That would drive me batty. Personally, I think sharing is over-rated. And I know for a fact I do not play well with others. So if you need backup in your fight, give me a shout.

Mrs. G. said...

He clearly doesn't know who he is dealing with.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This would be like someone coming in your house without your permission. Very frustrating.

katydidnot said...

bad mom is going to kick some ass.

262mom said...

With that attitude he is obviously not worried about his CONTRACT for next year!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I pity the fool. That's all I'm saying.

A Gilmore Girls Fan said...

That would upset me big time. How inconsiderate of him. I agree with the comment above, that this is a like someone coming in your home without your permission. I am super obsessive compulsive and anal about my "things", too, so this would especially drive me nuts. I would have probably taken that as fighting words. In those situations it's hard to keep cool, but it sounds like you did. I envy that, because when it comes to my property/things, I sadly can get tacky.


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