Thursday, March 26, 2009

13 things about spring break

As I told a student who asked yesterday if Spring Break starts this coming Monday - "Actually, it starts at 2:00:01 on Friday." Which I know (hi, Principal Amy!) is technically not true as my contracted day isn't over till 3:00, but it made for an amusing response in class. [It's funny to me that even high school students tend to think teachers live at the school]

And so. In the next week, I look forward to:
  1. Dancing! I found a place in Portland to take my man for his birthday celebration - we used to dance every weekend at Panic City (yes it was as 90s-tastic as it sounds) but haven't in hundreds a bunch of years
  2. Visiting the zoo
  3. Scavenger hunt at the art museum
  4. Creating real live detailed lesson plans for the final 11 weeks of school [that equals 55 days, fyi]
  5. Catching up on lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of favorite blogging bloggers' blogs
  6. Watching movies into the wee hours
  7. Some sleeping in
  8. Some housecleaning
  9. Making delicious & nutritious meals and snacks [stop laughing]
  10. Playdates with friends
  11. Road trip to visit my mom, dad & sister
  12. Date night in Seattle
  13. 40th birthday party with our favorite college friend

Thursday 13 is like a mini-vacation on your screen


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm happy to see the b*thces represented.

Memorial Day weekend--B*thcFest at my house with Next Door 2 My Ex (from the D.C. area)--you can come too if you want. Accommodations provided.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ha! I posted today [after I posted my 13 which is below the Spring Break post on my blog] all about how I detest Spring Break week. It's all self-explanatory tho.

Enjoy your time off.

Mine are posted now...hope to see you there sometime if you can find a bit of your day to stop by! happy Thursday.

OHN said...

I will never forget the look on my oldest sons face when we ran into his teacher in the grocery store. His little 7 year old self was stunned. Apparently teachers DO live at school...and they don't have families, and heaven forbid, they certainly shouldn't go out in public. :)

Also once, when at a local burger joint, we were enjoying our dinner and glanced over a few tables and one of the boys high school teachers was also enjoying a burger WITH A BEER. You would have thought he was caught murdering his mother. Son was sure he would get "A's" the rest of the year, because after all, he saw the teacher DRINK A BEER with his dinner :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! It sounds like you have a really fun week planned, enjoy it all!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm choking back my I want to go dancing sobs because obviously I am still going to be in the throes of my own birthday celebrations around here.

(The end of March is always crazy with birthdays and Greg is working working working towards the end of the year: April 4th will be his big exhale.)

Jen said...

Too funny!! I love your TT and will be back for more!! Enjoy your time off!!!

Sarah Coggins said...

What?! Teachers don't live at school? ;) Great list - sounds like a very fun week. Enjoy!!

Janet said...

I LOVE Scavenger hunts!

lisahgolden said...

Sounds like you're going to have a great time! Enjoy!

Suzanne said...

That was just the mini-vacation my screen was wanting... thanks. Here's hoping you check off many things on that lovely list. =)

Gretchen said...

All I can say, from the parents' perspective, is I'm so glad that Spring Break is over. But from the teacher's point of view, you have a glorious 9 days to enjoy. So live it up!

BTW Still waiting for swim team pictures. Sorry, I'm a bit pervy.

Alison said...

Teachers need spring break more than the kids do.

I had big plans for our spring break last week, but it mostly ended up with us sleeping in (till 8:00, whoo!) and a couple of playdates. The kids enjoyed being home, though.

The Girl Next Door said...

Oh I am so jealous. Spring Break looks like this in my house: Work. Work. and Work. And watch the 3 dogs while the kids are on vacation with the Ex.

So please? what Jenn said. The Girl Next Door is coming to town and wants to party with YOU!

EatPlayLove said...

we have spring break next week as well. But wait until you get a load of this, my daughter had 2 days off for SNOW DAYS yesterday and today, before the start of break.

A milestone I couldn't appreciate not being in the classroom. Not the same, just being the mom of the daughter with the days off. Sigh!

shrink on the couch said...

Do not even attempt #8 !


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