Thursday, March 26, 2009

13 things about spring break

As I told a student who asked yesterday if Spring Break starts this coming Monday - "Actually, it starts at 2:00:01 on Friday." Which I know (hi, Principal Amy!) is technically not true as my contracted day isn't over till 3:00, but it made for an amusing response in class. [It's funny to me that even high school students tend to think teachers live at the school]

And so. In the next week, I look forward to:
  1. Dancing! I found a place in Portland to take my man for his birthday celebration - we used to dance every weekend at Panic City (yes it was as 90s-tastic as it sounds) but haven't in hundreds a bunch of years
  2. Visiting the zoo
  3. Scavenger hunt at the art museum
  4. Creating real live detailed lesson plans for the final 11 weeks of school [that equals 55 days, fyi]
  5. Catching up on lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of favorite blogging bloggers' blogs
  6. Watching movies into the wee hours
  7. Some sleeping in
  8. Some housecleaning
  9. Making delicious & nutritious meals and snacks [stop laughing]
  10. Playdates with friends
  11. Road trip to visit my mom, dad & sister
  12. Date night in Seattle
  13. 40th birthday party with our favorite college friend

Thursday 13 is like a mini-vacation on your screen