Monday, March 23, 2009

not-so-altered egos

I am Sylvia Plath [before the oven].
I am Dorothy Parker [with a happy marriage & slightly less alcohol].
I am Virginia Woolf [minus the river] & her Mrs Dalloway.

I am George Bailey, shouting at his bewildered children before thanking God for his wonderful life.
I am Emma Horton, scattered & worn out & desperately loving her family.
I am part Revolutionary Road, part The Hours, part Sense & Sensibility.

[In my wild imagination]
I am Michelle Obama, smart & stylish & holding her own.
I am Angelina Jolie, Diplomat & Super[hot]Mom.
I am balancing marriage, motherhood, teaching & volunteering, cooking, cleaning, socializing, writing, smiling, sanity, and sleeping.

I am weary.


IHeartScience said...
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Alison said...

I love this. No matter who we are or what roles we play (in reality or our dreams), life is full and we are often tired.

Shana said...

You are weary? Because YOU ARE BUSY. And you seem to balance it all so well : )

Stu said...

I'm sorry you were feeling crummy. I hope today is better.

Love ya.


~Swankymama said...

Hello weary friend! I will be weary right along with you!

I still have not seen Revolutionary Road. Gotta go see it!

lisahgolden said...

Yes. You are all those things and so much more.

I hope you've had a good Tuesday.

shrink on the couch said...

Weary, that's the feeling, yes, especially on a Monday.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Loved this post, my dear, dear friend.

Spring break is nearly here.

I can taste it.


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