Monday, March 23, 2009

not-so-altered egos

I am Sylvia Plath [before the oven].
I am Dorothy Parker [with a happy marriage & slightly less alcohol].
I am Virginia Woolf [minus the river] & her Mrs Dalloway.

I am George Bailey, shouting at his bewildered children before thanking God for his wonderful life.
I am Emma Horton, scattered & worn out & desperately loving her family.
I am part Revolutionary Road, part The Hours, part Sense & Sensibility.

[In my wild imagination]
I am Michelle Obama, smart & stylish & holding her own.
I am Angelina Jolie, Diplomat & Super[hot]Mom.
I am balancing marriage, motherhood, teaching & volunteering, cooking, cleaning, socializing, writing, smiling, sanity, and sleeping.

I am weary.