Saturday, March 21, 2009

rock & roll all night, and part of every day

How can anyone not completely love this guy?

His comedy - wacky & irreverent but always relatable - is flawlessly delivered, and he is the most perfect combination of adorable and hot one might ever know. So say I, the slightly hormonally imbalanced counting-down-to-summerspring-break teacher of occasionally ungrateful yet needy & desperately lovable teenagers, married to a thankfully re-employed goofy & charming engineer; all of these things apropos of nothing other than - stressed much?

Sometimes I just want eye candy that stimulates my brain a tad, too. Thank you, Paul.

P.S. The post title is a reference to a flawlessly, hilariously delivered line from Role Models, a must-see for your continued well-being, especially if you have any appreciaton for KISS. Which leads me to tell this very long & rambling compelling story from my past:

I never really thought much about KISS until I met Jim Durham in 5th grade. He was a quiet kid who somehow always managed to get in trouble in class; I think it had to do with him not finishing his assignments but I believe my interest in his plight was the beginning of my work with at-risk youth. Jim was always scrawling "KISS" across his Pee-Chees in that cool writing with the "SS" looking like lightning bolts, and he frequently wore a t-shirt with a picture of the [very scary, to me] band in all their made-up glory. I realize now that KISS kind of scared me because they were so blatantly sexual in nature - that was something so taboo in my family, I might have believed my sister & I were of immaculate conception if I hadn't actually been kept awake by strange primal noises coming from my parents' room now & then.

Anyway, I inexplicably struck up a pseudo-friendship with Jim and was eventually persuaded to buy the 45 of "Beth," which I ended up playing so frequently I could [and can still] sing it with perfect emotional inflection that moved me to tears. I secretly enjoyed the B-side of "Detroit Rock City" and eventually [secretly] lusted after Peter Criss, the original Catman; I was [secretly] devastated when Gene Simmons fired him from the band.

All of this leads to my utter [not-so-secret] delight at Role Models' homage to KISS, making me want to find Jim Durham and thank him for opening my eyes (not to mention other body parts) to the magic of naughty rock & roll.

The end.


Shana said...

Paul Rudd. You totally nailed that one, he IS the perfect mix of all things lovable.

Fantastic Forrest said...

I Love You, Man is now out in theatres.

Just sayin'....

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

After seeing I Love You, Man yesterday (and laughing as much as I ever have at a movie) I will definitely be renting Role Models.

katydidnot said...

i love that your PS is three times longer than your post.

i also love that i can rely on you to provide me eye candy.

Gretchen said...

I Loved KISS. Just something about them... so naughty.

And, I am such a loser. All these years I thought it was, "And Party Every day."

And, Paul Rudd is awesome. I was so sad that he was gay in that movie with Jennifer Aniston. I SO wanted them to hook up!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

He really was a treat in Role Models.

Now try to relax a teeny bit, while it's still Sunday - and wait while I check - and it's a bit sunny out.

Hope your week is off to a good start.

shrink on the couch said...

Oh man. Beth. You have really brought back memories. I had forgotten all about that song. I bought the KISS ALIVE album in Jr High and same thing here, played Beth over & over & over.

Anonymous said...

Charming? Thems' fightin' words woman...


lisahgolden said...

I'm sorry. I got so caught in the beam of Paul Rudd's rakish smile that I missed what you were saying.....

dkuroiwa said...

He is just too damn cute! CanNOT wait to see I Love You, Man...I keep going to YahooMovies and watching the clips!!
Didn't he also play Phoebe's husband in Friends?

Kiss. I think I have every album they made (in the earlier years)...Columbia House...50 albums for $1...that was such a great deal!!

And God bless the Jim Durhams of the world.

brandy101 said...

I also was pretty dang scared of KISS as a kid but grew to love them not via the ballad of Beth but by cover bands in college who played many of their uptempo numbers in sweaty, beer-soaked basements and frat hosues: Detroit Rock City, Strutter, and my fave, Deuce.

I ran out, bought Double Platinum and have been in the KISS army ever since.

And, yeah, Paul Rudd...MMM delicious.

Sara Elizabeth said...

I agree with the Paul Rudd thing. And to think he started out in the movie Clueless. He has come a long long way. :o)


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