Thursday, July 23, 2009

little bit crazy, little bit rock & roll

13 ways I am simultaneously unbalanced yet endearing.

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all 6 minutes and 45 seconds of this video.
  2. I remember desperately loving the disco dancing Donny when I was in 4th grade.
  3. This morning I shamelessly took the Inappropriate Crush Quiz (even though it's from 2007 - Daniel Radcliffe is actually turning 20 today).
  4. I feel a little bummed that I only scored 5 points.
  5. I clicked over and read the entire five page article in Details (and watched the video interview).
  6. I am inordinately delighted that Daniel also loves John Keats.
  7. I'm pretty sure this piece of trivia will escape my mouth more than once in the coming year.
  8. I took notes on all of his outfits and am seriously contemplating a massive shopping spree at Banana Republic for my husband.
  9. I tremendously & truly love my husband as he is but cannot help trying to make him wear whatever Bradley Cooper wears.
  10. I scandalized the poor Nordstrom guy by asking him if the button-down shirts they were selling for $89 [on sale] would make my husband look like Bradley Cooper.
  11. I tried on the same velvet jacket twice in 20 minutes at the Nordstrom sale, after touching & holding it for 10 minutes; I did not buy it.
  12. I will be returning the lip gloss I was talked into buying because I realized it has petrolatum in it, plus I envision myself (and everyone else) being distracted by My Lips and Their Glossiness every minute of my teaching day if I tried wearing it to school.

More crazy and/or rock & roll at
Thursday 13.


Devilish Southern Belle said...

Haha, I remember watching that show faithfully when I was little...I think it was on early Friday evenings? My Dad may still have my Donny Osmond 8 track tape somewhere in his attic. I think "Go Away Little Girl" was my favorite track.

Thanks for that trip down memory lane! I have a few inappropriate crushes, too...

Mitchypoo said...

Um sorry, i tried but I didn't watch the whole thing. It's amazing though because I just saw Marie on TV and they both still have busy careers. Enjoyed your list.

Why are you against petrolatum? Just wondering.

brandy101 said...

I loooooved Donny from age 4 forward...

My husband wear stuff from The Banana quite well...I have to remember to shop there for him more often.

Speaking fave lines from Will & Grace:

Will: [sees Jack at the Banana Republic] Hey, I just received a message saying that you have a new job, and you're going to buy *me* dinner. There's, like, eighteen things wrong with that sentence.
Jack: Will, the Banana has changed my life. It's all about the Banana.
Will: Hasn't it always been?

Stu said...

I will wear most of what you buy me. I will need a personal trainer and hair plugs to look like Mr Cooper though. Or we could just turn out the lights and I can be anyone... ;)

Love you

Ami said...

I used to love that show, too. I even liked the clip.

When I was in the third grade, a girl named Christy Blomberg had a birthday party.

She pulled out some records for us to play musical chairs.

The one on top was Donny. I said, "Who's that girl?" because, well, he looked like a girl to me.

And Christy slapped me.

katydidnot said...

i was a little bit disappointed that the inappropriate crush quiz was only on daniel. i was really hoping for some time with the guy who plays carly's older brother on iCarly. or drake. from drake and josh.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Did someone say Bradley Cooper? Drool.

Gretchen said...

ohhh nooo.... your Left Coast bleeding heart is starting to show through...

just kidding...

Yes petrolatum is probably bad. If you use too much of it at one time. My guess is that animals who are subjected to petrolatum probably had it shoved in their eyes, or they ingested a cup of it, or something similar.

The same can be said of water. Or salt. Or sun. Everything in moderation. That's my motto.

So, don't go putting lip gloss in your eye. And don't drink it either, K?


Janet said...

thank you for 7, 12 & 13; I needed a good laugh!

shrink on the couch said...

I heard Puppy Love on the radio the other day and did not turn the channel :0

It took me back to my tweenie bopper years when I knew he was singing to me.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Suddenly I need purple socks.

Shana said...

OMG, I did love me some Donny & Marie. And the Bay City Rollers. S A T U R D A Y night!

Anonymous said...

What a fun read, Stephanie, you made me laugh and I love starting the morning that way! :-)


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