Thursday, July 23, 2009

little bit crazy, little bit rock & roll

13 ways I am simultaneously unbalanced yet endearing.

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all 6 minutes and 45 seconds of this video.
  2. I remember desperately loving the disco dancing Donny when I was in 4th grade.
  3. This morning I shamelessly took the Inappropriate Crush Quiz (even though it's from 2007 - Daniel Radcliffe is actually turning 20 today).
  4. I feel a little bummed that I only scored 5 points.
  5. I clicked over and read the entire five page article in Details (and watched the video interview).
  6. I am inordinately delighted that Daniel also loves John Keats.
  7. I'm pretty sure this piece of trivia will escape my mouth more than once in the coming year.
  8. I took notes on all of his outfits and am seriously contemplating a massive shopping spree at Banana Republic for my husband.
  9. I tremendously & truly love my husband as he is but cannot help trying to make him wear whatever Bradley Cooper wears.
  10. I scandalized the poor Nordstrom guy by asking him if the button-down shirts they were selling for $89 [on sale] would make my husband look like Bradley Cooper.
  11. I tried on the same velvet jacket twice in 20 minutes at the Nordstrom sale, after touching & holding it for 10 minutes; I did not buy it.
  12. I will be returning the lip gloss I was talked into buying because I realized it has petrolatum in it, plus I envision myself (and everyone else) being distracted by My Lips and Their Glossiness every minute of my teaching day if I tried wearing it to school.

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