Thursday, July 2, 2009

slightly sad mom

This kid

is growing up before my very eyes.

And this kid

is growing up at a camp far away this week.


Be back soon.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Kids do have a nasty habit of doing that, don't they?

katydidnot said...

i hate camp far away.

hate. it.

i like when they do things in front of my eyes. except that i totally don't. when they're in front of my eyes i want to close my eyes and take a nap.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

We are on the cusp of big changes in our families; it is bittersweet.

(I had a slightly sad week after the farewell picnic...)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Laura stayed at a friend's house for two nights this week and I almost died.


Jenn @ youknow... that blog? said...

My daughter #1 (almost 15) is going far far away for 6 weeks this summer :( I know how you feel!

And it seems like only yesterday when I screamed "I'm WHAT!!!!???" and now daughter #2 is almost 5.

So sad. I feel your pain.

(come visit me!)

Sara Elizabeth said...

They sure are cute kiddos. Sorry that they are growing up too quick for you.

Biscuit said...

Oh, that makes me ache. I know these crazy days of chasing, wiping, cuddling, and bathing will pass me by quickly. Is it time to have another?? (hahah!)

JCK said...

It does go fast.So fast.

Lovely kiddoes you have, Sad Mom.


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