Friday, July 3, 2009


We started the 4th of July weekend a little differently this year. Our boy has been at Scout camp all week and won't be reunited with us until tomorrow around 0700; Paige & Bad Dad left home with the neighbors [minus my bff Jen, Assistant Bad Mom] at 0630 this morning to be at the nearest water park by opening hour; best friend & I loafed around all morning until it felt right to go get manicures, then it was time to have lunch at a local cafe before driving to the general area where our families were amusement parking it up, but instead of joining them we scoured the Nordstrom & GAP clearance racks. Finally, we waited for our men & children in the hotel lobby with complimentary wine & a stack of Entertainment Weekly back issues.

It's how we all do togetherness, separately.

An inauspicious beginning to our 3-hour drive
(this is 15 minutes from our house)

Mt. Rainier in sight means only an hour to go!
[Why yes, I did take this shot while driving at 65 mph]

Asleep at the remote

What bad moms do on family vacations


Suburban Correspondent said...

My David is at Boy Scout camp this week, also. He's so glad to go somewhere on his own!

Shana said...

OMG, does she have her little fingers in her mouth? See? Not growing up all that fast after all. How sweet is that.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


Have fun!

camikaos said...

:) Have a great weekend.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I think I am doing BFF/Bad Momness wrong because the water park does sound pretty fun. (We've never made it to that one. I'm tempted.)

Hope you all have a delightful time.


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