Friday, July 3, 2009


We started the 4th of July weekend a little differently this year. Our boy has been at Scout camp all week and won't be reunited with us until tomorrow around 0700; Paige & Bad Dad left home with the neighbors [minus my bff Jen, Assistant Bad Mom] at 0630 this morning to be at the nearest water park by opening hour; best friend & I loafed around all morning until it felt right to go get manicures, then it was time to have lunch at a local cafe before driving to the general area where our families were amusement parking it up, but instead of joining them we scoured the Nordstrom & GAP clearance racks. Finally, we waited for our men & children in the hotel lobby with complimentary wine & a stack of Entertainment Weekly back issues.

It's how we all do togetherness, separately.

An inauspicious beginning to our 3-hour drive
(this is 15 minutes from our house)

Mt. Rainier in sight means only an hour to go!
[Why yes, I did take this shot while driving at 65 mph]

Asleep at the remote

What bad moms do on family vacations