Monday, July 6, 2009

to don't list

  1. Clean on, around, and behind washer & dryer [check]
  2. Spend 25 minutes looking through books at Goodwill [check]
  3. Spend 10 minutes looking through purses at Goodwill [check]
  4. Consider response to joker on PTA Legislative ListServ who cruelly minimized the work of librarians in an e-mail rife with ignorant misspellings [check]
  5. Rearrange Flair on Facebook virtual bulletin board [check]
  6. Consolidate birthday presents so daughter can write thank you notes [check]
  7. Console daughter who is distraught over not remembering who gave her what because the presents are not with their original bags [check]
  8. Threaten to box & exile all new birthday items if daughter continues whining [sheepish check]
  9. Drink entire bottle of McMenamin's Fireside wine [pending]


Biscuit said...

Haha! That is exactly what the lazy days of summer are for! (Catching up on all the stuff you can't fit into your busy schedule during the school year!) Did you find anything interesting/significantly antique in the Goodwill purses? You never know what possible treasures you may find! ; )

shrink on the couch said...

love those liquidy antidotes .. cheers!


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