Monday, July 6, 2009

to don't list

  1. Clean on, around, and behind washer & dryer [check]
  2. Spend 25 minutes looking through books at Goodwill [check]
  3. Spend 10 minutes looking through purses at Goodwill [check]
  4. Consider response to joker on PTA Legislative ListServ who cruelly minimized the work of librarians in an e-mail rife with ignorant misspellings [check]
  5. Rearrange Flair on Facebook virtual bulletin board [check]
  6. Consolidate birthday presents so daughter can write thank you notes [check]
  7. Console daughter who is distraught over not remembering who gave her what because the presents are not with their original bags [check]
  8. Threaten to box & exile all new birthday items if daughter continues whining [sheepish check]
  9. Drink entire bottle of McMenamin's Fireside wine [pending]