Tuesday, October 13, 2009

everything is wrong

  1. My hair is inexplicably [unless you count the onset of menopause as a possible explanation] lifeless, even before I head out into the gale force winds that stormed in overnight.
  2. My nose is harboring a painful pimple/cyst/boil/monster which may or may not be melanoma-related but most certainly is distractingly ugly.
  3. I berated my freshmen no fewer than 3 times in 70 minutes. Pretty sure they believe I am morphing into an actual witch (see #2). But if I were, I'd have already put a stun spell on them.
  4. Teeny ants are invading my classroom.
  5. The afterschool workshop I thought was two hours was really three but I couldn't stay because my one kid was already home alone until near-dark and my other kid was being sheltered yet again by very kind people whose generosity I will not exploit. This stressed out my OCDness.
  6. I forgot to wear a watch today.
  7. I was too tired & blechy feeling to visit Blockbuster tonight. Plus I was wearing my slippers.
  8. My throat hurts.
  9. I'm still kicking myself (with the non-bunioned foot) for not at least smiling in the general direction of my secret LiveWire! boyfriend when I saw him at Wordstock. Instead I actively avoided looking directly toward him, like an idiotic junior high girl.
  10. I had to drive Stu's car today and he does not keep a spare tube of lip balm and my lips were very dry from the incessant wind, and I forgot to get a new tube for my purse.

Good stuff I don't deserve but get anyway:

My man emptying & refilling dishwasher; my man suggesting Chinese takeout; my children not arguing for hours on end; my man getting his friend doing business in Singapore to pick up my favorite tea; best friends who offer only kindness & love when I am tired & grouchy at 6pm.


brandy101 said...

You got a good man there.

My hair has been disastrous lately, too. Ad then I got a new boar bristle brush and the awful-ness of the past few weeks seemed to be stroked away.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Respect the sore throat--that's how my bronchitis began. Rest and then rest some more.

LarryG said...

oh yeah... new pimples are sexy!

Fantastic Forrest said...

I wondered about that junior high girl behavior, given your usual "hey! how are you? I'm your biggest fan" gregariousness toward SMcG. Must have been because you felt that monster lurking just under the skin of your nose. If you'd greeted him, it might have burst forth like that alien out of John Hurt. I mean, yuck. Not a turn on at all.

The Girl Next Door said...

A yucky day but lucky for the things your man/family/friends cando to pick-you-up! And good for you for seeing it. Rest.Andi hope they're bunny slippers...

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

We are suffering with postWordstock depression. All the literature, all those words and then bam! Back to real life.

Take up the liquids for the sore throat, abide in the good man's love and know I think you are spectacular, in slippers or not, and regardless of nose/hair concerns.

You are an amazing friend/wife/woman every day, even when it all feels wrong.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Ha ha ha! Lisa said nose hair.

Get some clippers, quick, before Hotty McHotty sees you!

Gretchen said...

Also good stuff:
You get to share your haikus with us.
You get to earn money doing what you love (I wish I could be in the classroom. I miss it.)
You get to have Autumn (Texas has summer, still summer, not summer, and almost summer. It sucks.)

Wanna trade lives for a while? You get poopy diapers, a gigantic prego belly, and a husband who works the entire weekend (leaving you to care for all 4 kids at home).

My life is an effing paradise.


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