Tuesday, October 13, 2009

everything is wrong

  1. My hair is inexplicably [unless you count the onset of menopause as a possible explanation] lifeless, even before I head out into the gale force winds that stormed in overnight.
  2. My nose is harboring a painful pimple/cyst/boil/monster which may or may not be melanoma-related but most certainly is distractingly ugly.
  3. I berated my freshmen no fewer than 3 times in 70 minutes. Pretty sure they believe I am morphing into an actual witch (see #2). But if I were, I'd have already put a stun spell on them.
  4. Teeny ants are invading my classroom.
  5. The afterschool workshop I thought was two hours was really three but I couldn't stay because my one kid was already home alone until near-dark and my other kid was being sheltered yet again by very kind people whose generosity I will not exploit. This stressed out my OCDness.
  6. I forgot to wear a watch today.
  7. I was too tired & blechy feeling to visit Blockbuster tonight. Plus I was wearing my slippers.
  8. My throat hurts.
  9. I'm still kicking myself (with the non-bunioned foot) for not at least smiling in the general direction of my secret LiveWire! boyfriend when I saw him at Wordstock. Instead I actively avoided looking directly toward him, like an idiotic junior high girl.
  10. I had to drive Stu's car today and he does not keep a spare tube of lip balm and my lips were very dry from the incessant wind, and I forgot to get a new tube for my purse.

Good stuff I don't deserve but get anyway:

My man emptying & refilling dishwasher; my man suggesting Chinese takeout; my children not arguing for hours on end; my man getting his friend doing business in Singapore to pick up my favorite tea; best friends who offer only kindness & love when I am tired & grouchy at 6pm.