Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holidazed spirit

In the spirit of holiday mood swings, I went from oblivious detachment that November was ending to mild panic this past weekend when Stu asked if I was going to write a Christmas letter to a more stomach-clenching variety this evening when I realized it is December 1st before moving to a Zen-like state of calm letter-crafting for an hour on the couch.

Here is the result, which I will try not to send to the crazy person who assailed me about my "perfect life" last year. I share it with you because I consider my readers - the long-term, the faithful, the jaded diehards along with the new and/or occasional - friends; I'm hoping to make another go of BlogHer next year and would love to meet with any of you who want to say hey. And God bless us, everyone! Cue Hallmark music.

Hello & happy holidays, friends & family

A quick overview of what we have & have not done in the past year:

We did not get a dog.
We did vote for Democrats.
We did not see any vampire movies.
We did watch Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince on opening day.
We did not go camping or to Disneyland or Europe or Hawaii.
We did spend a sunny summer weekend in Lincoln City, Oregon.
We did not enter the sandcastle competition but played some intense air hockey.
We did get a new vehicle which IS NOT A MINIVAN
(it’s a Mazda 5 Multi-Purpose Vehicle).
We did not regret relinquishing the 1981 Volvo wagon to some happy Oregonians.
One of us has a pleasant new non-Hewlett-Packard engineering job in SE Portland.
One of us has the same high school teaching job, in a different (not yet new) building.
One of us entered middle school and only occasionally acts like he thinks his parents are morons.
One of us is a 4th grade Peer Mediator AND Safety Patrol Guard; good skills for a little sister to hone.
One of us has been expertly installing wood floors in the hallway & master bedroom.
One of us went to Cowboys Stadium with her dad for the Redskins game and is still recovering her voice.
One of us keeps playing trombone and another continues to delight in choir.
One of us has been trustworthy, loyal, helpful and more with his Boy Scout son.
One of us soon gets to have crutches & wear a boot on her bunion-free foot.
One of us grew 4 inches since last fall and one of us got her ears pierced.
We look forward to seeing & hearing from you soon.

All of us
wish you
a very
new year.

[It's supposed to resemble a Christmas tree but Blogger is not bending to my will and formatting the way I want it to; sorry. Please don't send hate e-mail]


Fantastic Forrest said...

I love it! And I can dimly sense the tree shape, now that you point it out.

So...your blog title, "holidazed"? Have you seen the play, and if not, do you want to go with us?


PS word verification is vaguely christmas-y - joymnons

snugglebug said...

that is a cute way to sum up your year!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm sure it is the perfect tree, to suit this perfect little letter.

I still haven't written mine.

I must go now.

Panic is setting in.

brandy101 said...


I am on the verge of not doing a picture card of my kid dressed up in some holiday outfit because she is getting a bit old for that (she shops in the juniors dept. now) I am not sure what to do. Dress up the dogs with felt reindeer antlers?

Decisions, decisions...

LarryG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryG said...

what's not to love here?
Love You BadMom!
You and your gang Rocks!
live with it Stu! :)
oh.. say, you do? cool!

(in the spirit of the season I had to delete and repost cause I forked it up the first time! haha)

Jen on the Edge said...

This is great!

Alison said...

I love it. Tongue in cheek but still sweet.

It's looking like I'm not going to get a holiday card made because it's too hard to get my children to sit next to each other without fighting and smile and not close their eyes or pick their noses. I'll probably do a non-braggy letter. Or just an update on Facebook (kidding).

Lowered expectations: the secret to greater happiness for me.

Danielle said...

Awesome. I think it's a good recap and is a nice spin on the "holiday letter". I might steal that idea for next year.
And I'd love to meet you at BlogHer, especially since it's in NYC. Fun!

Sugar said...

Okay...you are just FUNNY! I jumped on your blog from another a couple of weeks ago and am REALLY enjoying your fantastic writing!! Love it!

Gretchen said...

it looks great in my reader! very cool - you are so creative.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This is most excellent.

AngelConradie said...

Hellooooo! I read this one in my Google Reader and it looks perfectly like a Christmas tree in there! I had to pop over and comment since I thought it was such a cool idea for a news-type letter!


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