Friday, November 27, 2009

the day after

As I try to be a not-rampant materialist, and as I try to hold on to my tenuous belief that humanity is not degenerating, I do not participate in Black Friday. I like to sleep in [again] and hope my children will bring me breakfast in bed; I make all kinds of fascinating plans in my head then roll over and resolve to at least enjoy the time I have to make plans, even if I do nothing.

My daughter wrote a poem for school this week that I begged her to let me share with you. I tried not to weep in front of her, because GAH, that'sembarrassing! But it reminds me that every little tiny thing I do is more noticed than I realize, and with great power comes great responsibility.

Thankfully I Am From
by Paige

I am from my stuffed animals.
From grapefruit-lavender shampoo and Skechers shoes.
I am from the warm, comfortable home where I find the smell of fresh.
I am from the occasional flowers on the dining room table.

I am from saying a prayer every night at dinner and in bed.
I am from watching every single football game on T.V. with my mom.
I'm from "Brush your teeth or they'll turn green and fall out!" and "I've told you a million times!"
I am from going to my Grandma and Papa's every spring break.
I'm from Vancouver, Washington and the Netherlands
and homemade chocolate chip banana bread.

I'm from my mom taking me to the mall and having fun
and my mom's Snoopy earrings in my jewelry box.