Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have been busy (relatively - there are scores of people whose whirling dervish lives make me want to weep), but mainly I have just been scattered. I imagine my brain right now looking something like a loofah, but being less useful.

Last week, I left my classroom on Thursday afternoon to fly to Dallas with my dad; I spent the weekend visiting with relatives, taking pictures of all the places I spent time as a kid in his hometown, meeting the unbelievably lovely & together Texan Mama, and watching the Cowboys game in Heaven the fantastic new stadium.

I want to share my pictures and tell all about Sunday afternoon, but my brain is fried. I start to compose thoughts & gather photos and I'm paralyzed; suddenly a thousand other tasks (urgent and not) elbow their way into my psyche - grade papers, revise lessons, enter grades, wash clothes, clean the kitchen, move furniture, drop off donations, e-mail someone, check Facebook, add new aps to iLover, stop by Blockbuster, shop for groceries, watch Survivor, sleep. Then when I choose a task to complete, the insane membrane convinces me that a different task is far more pressing. And in the meantime, I'm missing tea dates and craft parties and watching gratuitous chest shots in mediocre movies with girlfriends.

I have to find a way to focus. Wine works, right?


shrink on the couch said...

Do as I do. Give in. Join me this afternoon as I sit in a dark theatre gaping at Edward. My kids think I will be swayed over to Team Jacob but they are severely mistaken.

Happy Thanksgiving, Badmom!

LarryG said...

don't forget your rules for living...

from that last sentence it looks like you haven't strayed (much)

Very Mary said...

Um, I go for wine with a side of Zoloft. Like every day of my life. And it TOTALLY works.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am suffering from a serious case of fried brain myself. I'm not convinced blogging is the cure.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I've been feeling squirrely too, like I just can't get ahead in any direction.

Maybe I'll just stay put.

You are welcome to join me. :)

Shana said...

I hope the Dallas sunshine and the mini-vacay help you ditch your winter blah. I did not realize you had been swayed to the dark side and gone to see Twilight. Now it is official. I am the only person in the continental U.S. who has not seen this flippin' movie.


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