Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have been busy (relatively - there are scores of people whose whirling dervish lives make me want to weep), but mainly I have just been scattered. I imagine my brain right now looking something like a loofah, but being less useful.

Last week, I left my classroom on Thursday afternoon to fly to Dallas with my dad; I spent the weekend visiting with relatives, taking pictures of all the places I spent time as a kid in his hometown, meeting the unbelievably lovely & together Texan Mama, and watching the Cowboys game in Heaven the fantastic new stadium.

I want to share my pictures and tell all about Sunday afternoon, but my brain is fried. I start to compose thoughts & gather photos and I'm paralyzed; suddenly a thousand other tasks (urgent and not) elbow their way into my psyche - grade papers, revise lessons, enter grades, wash clothes, clean the kitchen, move furniture, drop off donations, e-mail someone, check Facebook, add new aps to iLover, stop by Blockbuster, shop for groceries, watch Survivor, sleep. Then when I choose a task to complete, the insane membrane convinces me that a different task is far more pressing. And in the meantime, I'm missing tea dates and craft parties and watching gratuitous chest shots in mediocre movies with girlfriends.

I have to find a way to focus. Wine works, right?