Thursday, January 14, 2010

13 things i'm neglecting

I am frankly stunned stupid at how grossly exhausted I am at the end (and beginning) of each day due to a healing foot. Let me just state for the record, in case my foot or any other marginalized feet are reading this, I completely underestimated the hard work put forth each day by feet and beg forgiveness for my arrogance. That said, here are 13 things I was once (or planned to be) reasonably good at accomplishing but have been, for four weeks and counting, trying to ignore because I have no energy to properly care about them.
  1. cleaning bathroom sinks
  2. dusting
  3. changing seasonal decor (though I did rally to put away Christmas stuff. Well, boxed it; not yet put away)
  4. wine & brie with my man [because I am freaking asleep by 9 pm]
  5. watching potential Oscar-nominated movies - and it is beginning to stress me out; only 9 weeks left!
  6. reading other people's blogs
  7. printing school lunch menus
  8. stacking dishes in alternating colors
  9. making sure kids have clothes that fit
  10. - 13. everything I had resolved to start doing in 2010

I love you, foot. Get better soon so I can return to my OCDivine ways. Yours truly, the dirty, tired, unfit & uncultured invalid.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Chronic pain--even low-grade--is a real mofo. I think I slept about 14 hours a night for almost a year when I was 24. I had been in a car accident and waking up, going to work and coming home was virtually all I could manage.

I hope you bounce back soon.

Angie McCullagh said...

But you're still funny. That counts for something!

Danielle said...

I hope you feel better soon. I am really reconsidering my own bunion surgery now...You're freaking me out!

Janet said...

You would think it doesn't take much energy to browse blogs, but as you've does. I'm not sure why! But when I was going through chemo & radiation...I miss a LOT of posts!!!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I know the pain/tired thing too well, and how frustrating it is when you were high octane productive before all this healing began.

You'll soon be back to your crazy energetic ways, leaving us mere mortals in your wake.

I hope the foot continues to heal up nicely.

(And eat the brie at 8 because the calcium thing is good for mending bones.)

snugglebug said...

I'm neglecting: cleaning my apartment, writing with my mom, and shopping for back to school supplies.

orneryswife said...

Well, I am neglecting several of those things and I am NOT recovering from surgery! :) Sorry it is taking you longer to recuperate than you wanted. Healing well will be worth the time it takes, though. All the stuff you are missing won't even be remembered five years from now, but if you neglect your health and push too hard, you will surely be remembering that!


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