Thursday, January 14, 2010

13 things i'm neglecting

I am frankly stunned stupid at how grossly exhausted I am at the end (and beginning) of each day due to a healing foot. Let me just state for the record, in case my foot or any other marginalized feet are reading this, I completely underestimated the hard work put forth each day by feet and beg forgiveness for my arrogance. That said, here are 13 things I was once (or planned to be) reasonably good at accomplishing but have been, for four weeks and counting, trying to ignore because I have no energy to properly care about them.
  1. cleaning bathroom sinks
  2. dusting
  3. changing seasonal decor (though I did rally to put away Christmas stuff. Well, boxed it; not yet put away)
  4. wine & brie with my man [because I am freaking asleep by 9 pm]
  5. watching potential Oscar-nominated movies - and it is beginning to stress me out; only 9 weeks left!
  6. reading other people's blogs
  7. printing school lunch menus
  8. stacking dishes in alternating colors
  9. making sure kids have clothes that fit
  10. - 13. everything I had resolved to start doing in 2010

I love you, foot. Get better soon so I can return to my OCDivine ways. Yours truly, the dirty, tired, unfit & uncultured invalid.