Wednesday, August 4, 2010

local love

My truly good friend Holly treated me to delightful lunch & dessert in SE Portland this afternoon in honor of my impending birthday, and I am compelled to share these gems we visited so you, too, may indulge when you find yourself in the neighborhood.

First stop: Creme de la Creme, a jaunty bus named "Charlotte" that has been converted into a magical French bistro by Holly's lovely friend Bianca [which happens to be my very favorite name since seeing The Rescuers as a kid and reading Taming of the Shrew in 9th grade; only good people/mice can be Biancas].

Bon jour, Charlotte

I partook of the croque monsieur (buttery cheesy hammy perfection on a plate) and shared with Holly the most extraordinary escargot in a bowl of garlicky butter sauce; those snails were obviously raised in a loving, pampered home to have tasted so tender.  Mon dieu and merci.

Hello, delicious Mr. Crunchy

Because my dear Holly is bon amis with the lovely Bianca, we were given a tour of the bus/kitchen where the French magic happens. I think I could live there, and you know how I generally feel about camping and cooking. Creme de la Creme, oh oui.

Bianca and her garcon, Guillaume
Je les aime

As we sauntered back to our car, Holly & I were drawn into Couronne Chocolate where we immediately startled then ingratiated the clerk with our giddy references to Chocolat. (I find worship of Johnny Depp is a universal link among women; it must be so difficult being him. I should offer to console him. I digress).

Everything looks edible in here

There were samples of caramels to convince us that we would, indeed, mortgage our homes to keep this place in business. Besides the typical [though still spectacularly tasty] offerings, Couronne creates whimsical treats like maple bacon brittle (which I bought for Stu to take to Boy Scout camp) and solid chocolate mustaches on sticks.

My selections were staged on this silver plate while I continued to shop

To be clear, I received nothing free today. Except my lunch because Holly was placating me because I felt ignored earlier this week celebrating me, and the sea salt caramel sample which was technically up for grabs to whoever walked through the shop door. I simply want to pass on the love I felt at these places today, because love is such a nice thing to share.


Kay said...

well happy birthday!

... and.... only Oregon can get away with a bus kitchen haha

absolutly love it! is it mobile? or are they stationary?

Fantastic Forrest said...


Even my word verification is appropos: "dinable."

But if there is any consoling of Monsieur Depp to be done, I'll be the doer. :-D

lisahgolden said...

Yes - happy birthday early!

The whole thing looks fabulous. I must get out there to buy a mustache on a stick.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Your birthday is already better than mine was... and it's more than 2 weeks away. *sigh*

Awesome post!!! [sarcasm] Thanks eversomuch for making me this degree of hungry.[/sarcasm] pfffft.

Bill Lisleman said...

over here from Fantastic Forrest place - for one that doesn't know any bloggers in real life these blogger friends get togethers are so interesting. But maybe you know each other outside of blogging.
One thing really caught my taste buds - maple bacon brittle - that would be great crunching.


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