Monday, July 26, 2010

beach bag bingo

Because I am an obsessive collector, organizer and seasonally-aware  decorator, I am a keeper of bags. Bags - in their various forms such as totes, purses, packs, carriers, and eco-friendly grocery sacks - offer me a way to take the things I want/need/obsess about wherever I go but in a neat & practical [and seasonally appropriate] manner. Whenever there is a free or inexpensive bag available, I snatch it immediately because I know I will find a use for it in my world.

So imagine my delight when Bob from Personalized Tote Bags contacted me with the offer of a free bag in exchange for my blog post. [THIS IS WHERE I TELL YOU I DID GET SOMETHING aka my fabulous free Bad Mom beach bag FOR WRITING THIS POST]  Imagine no more - here are words & photos describing my delight.

I call this a beach bag, even though I rarely visit the actual beach, because it looks all jauntily nautical with the weathered stripes, rope handle, and immense volume capable of holding multiple towels, water bottles, sunscreens, snacks, books, sand toys and snorkeling gear. I used it yesterday for a simple trip to the zoo and though I equipped it for myself and two kids, I didn't even come close to loading it. I kept thinking I should throw in a few jackets in case we developed a chill during the 95 degree day, because the bag still had so much room and felt sturdy enough to pack more stuff in. (Note the metal grommets around those sassy rope handles).

Next time I might hide a neighbor kid in here to save on entrance fees.
P.S. Zipper top! Excellent for discouraging pickpockets in crowded places.
And for being certain none of my 1.2 million necessities falls out.
I particularly love that this bag is cut with curves so I don't look like I'm carrying a gigantic rectangle, and the straps are long enough to put over my shoulder and still hold the bag above my waist. It's like the Personalized Tote Bags people know how real women want to look and feel when toting stuff around. (Bob did not tell me to say that. In fact, he didn't even tell me I had to write a nice post; he just sent me the bag and said "Please link to us").

I was hoping for a more renegade font for Bad Mom but a) it was free and b) the cursive does soften the sentiment; maybe Bob was afraid people would think I really am bad. That's sweet.
This particular bag - Stylish Beach Tote - retails for $27.99 (monogram included), which I think is a decent deal considering its size and sturdiness. Also, the bottom is flat so easy to set down without discombobulating all the contents. I have to say I don't love that it is made in China and I (the practical organizing queen) could use a few more pockets inside, but otherwise everything else about the bag is better than I expected. I am considering the Stylish Laptop Bag in their clearance section; apparently I am all about Stylish this summer.

I recommend a visit to Personalized Tote Bags if you're in the market for, you know, a personalized tote bag. There is something for everyone, even the not-crazy/obsessive collectors/organizers.

(Thanks, Bob!)