Wednesday, March 13, 2013


My counselor turned me loose a couple of weeks (16 days) ago. She said she was very impressed with how I had worked so deliberately & diligently to change the way I thought about things and talked to myself; I agreed and felt pretty proud but also had a tiny twinge of panic about giving up a regular appointment to check in. She reminded me of all the strategies I've practiced this past year that have helped me stay focused & balanced, and she asked me to plan some next steps - I thought I should get back to yoga & gym/readingonastationarybike time, and writing regularly on my blog. The yoga part has not yet rematerialized but let's get this party started again here, shall we?

It is Sensational Haiku Wednesday at my friend Jenn's You Know...that Blog? and the theme is SENSATIONAL, which is perfect because it's how I'm beginning to feel now that my brain isn't trying to suffocate me.
My gentler mind is
Making some sweet small talk with
My bruised subconscious 
Now you go, here or there.


Tara Tyler said...

so neurons are connecting again?
fabulous! great news & great haiku!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Being kind to oneself cannot be overrated.

(My capcha is "skingRoy 307" so now I want to know who is Roy, why is he skiing on this warm, rainy March day, and what does 307 have to do with anything? Sometimes I think the capcha's are there for purposes of stimulating odd poetry and prose.)

Laura said...

so beautiful and honest.

Janet said...

welcome back :-)


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