Thursday, January 3, 2013

good enough

Today's mindfulness :

Dozing at the steering wheel in the dark, empty parking lot this morning, after dropping off the girl at jazz band hours before I needed to be at school. The wind shook my car, the radio droned, I was at ease.

Our counselor starting a kettle of water for tea while I finished my eye makeup in the staff bathroom, another teacher helping me look for a missing teabag holder my sister gave me, our principal chatting to help me wake up when she certainly had dozens of other things to do; thankful again for a workplace full of people who think of each other, whom I would be glad to see anytime outside of the building.

Simple stuff like devouring delicious artery-clogging hash browns with eggs, sausage, and cheese, finishing a couple loads of laundry, and taking all the Christmas ornaments off the tree and safely stowing them before the Boy Scouts pick up Saturday morning. Now getting into bed early with some historical fiction while my girl examines her nail polish collection at my side.