Thursday, January 11, 2007

bring it on

It's a snow day. Note I am posting this predawn, before the mania that is children being told to stay home from school has begun. I really should be getting in the shower or having my tea or, well, popping a Valium comes to mind but my prescription has lapsed. I think this is God's way of telling me I've been wasting my damn time at home alone lately - sure, I've done some laundry, put away all the Christmas decorations, swept (once), but mostly I've sat at the computer for days on end, rationalizing the recipe-entering, blog-reading, crossword-puzzling, and trivia bantering as activities that I deserve to wind down. Well, I've wound down so much I ought to be a puddle on the floor (which would take a week to wipe up).

So it's quality time with the kids in the snow today! I can hear my best friend laughing at me from across the street...I hope she invites me to hide with her somewhere and have tea, with Valium.