Tuesday, January 16, 2007

oh frabjous day

I've heard that if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. I don't remember saying aloud that I wanted to be completely alone for six hours for the first time in five days, but apparently He reads minds (who knew? Well, beside Adam, and Noah, and Moses, and...nevermind).

Of course I love my children, and snow is cool. And I did forget to take pictures of them during the last snow day. So I am spending these minutes wrapping my sleepy head around the things I needed & wanted to do - laundry blocking the closet door and watching made-for-moms-at-home trash TV on E! come to mind - and the things I will get done - bundling and rebundling manic snow monkeys, 16 cups of hot cocoa, possibly mitigating magic shows gone awry. The good news is I can't ruin my Compact with shopping therapy (I don't drive in this stuff; it's safer for everyone that way) and the PTA meeting I wasn't ready for is postponed.

And just now, from the mouth of my gleeful daughter (who's raising these school-ditching juveniles?), the headline of the day: I love winter! It ... it ... CANCELS!

Brilliant. God is so smart.