Tuesday, January 30, 2007

the possibilities are...exhausting

Because I taught all day yesterday - and at the alternative HS, including PE with all boys, with dodge balls - I am taking the day off. (Like this is completely my choice...Schools are clamoring for me, but I'm saying "No thanks!" today!).

Some big plans I've considered: Seeing a movie (Oscar-nominated of course; anything else during this crucial month would be irrelevant); cruising Goodwill; cruising Wild Oats; starting to paint the kids' bathroom; finishing our wedding scrapbook (yes it's been almost 14 years, shut up); planning a few weeks' meals.

For your amusement, here is my pre-shower, post-donut thinking:

I want to get out of the house, so painting, scrapbooking (which I really hate as a verb but there it is), and planning meals is out. Although if I planned a couple of meals, I would actually have a more reasonable grocery list for a Wild Oats trip. Hmmm. I'll see what's on E! after my shower.

The movies I really want to see (Little Children and Volver) are on at inconvenient times; a movie I kind of want to see because I love Forest Whitaker and the cute Mr. Tumnus actor (Last King of Scotland) seems like a profound downer for the middle of the day. So that's out.

If I can come up with a couple of things I reallllly need from Goodwill (The Compact!), I might head there. It is supremely satisfying to spend a hour looking at all the random objects (it's like visiting the Island of Misfit Toys for grown-ups) and finding a gem or two for less than $10. And I realize now I can't buy the wooden hangers, so I'll avoid that disappointment this time.

Settled! Now to go get ready....Right now, on my way. Going.