Friday, March 30, 2007

why, why me??

No, I did not get whacked on my knee with a pipe. Actually, it was a pretty good day teaching. The worst thing - other than having to watch "Eragon" twice - was a couple boys jacking a bag of marshmallows, but we got them back relatively unharmed. They didn't seem to understand why it was a little gross to keep the marshmallows under a jacket on one of their laps for an hour...They are sixth graders, I guess it could have been much worse.

But soon after getting home, I developed a dull throbbing in my head, which I promptly ignored because I had things to do (eating lunch was, strangely, not one of them). I did those very important things - packed the kids' suitcases, checked my e-mail, posted a message to the legislative listserv, checked my Yahoo! mail, responded to someone from freecycle, checked the real mail, then loaded Mario into the car for his Friendly Friday visit to Mason's class. Again, food did not make the cut in this busy afternoon.

The Mario visit was blessedly uneventful, and I had a delightful conversation with Mason's substitute teacher (my peeps). But the headache regained strength after we got to QFC where there are crazy-fun tiny carts that are perfect for dragracing, but a pathetic selection of organic and good-for-us food. What they do have is mixed in with the overabundance of not-so-good-for-us food, and thinking is hard. When I finally got through self-checkout (what is my problem? Capable people are being paid to help me!), I couldn't find my change for two minutes because the slot is at knee-level and the clerk on duty was chatting with a cute boy.

So I decided to come straight home, no more errands, to collapse on the couch and watch made-for-moms afternoon TV. Well, I've only managed to catch four "Ellen" episodes all year, and today they are repeating one I've already seen! And I don't love it. No hot guys, just Gwen Stefani with her weird hair. I want to yell, but I'm too tired and that would make my head hurt more. Maybe I do need a whack to the knee.