Thursday, April 12, 2007

the weirdness of my happinesses

While I am thrilled to have been asked to spend the remainder of the school year teaching my own classes at the alternative high school, today's big news in my world is this: McDonald's DOES NOT own Chipotle Mexican Grill! Since first tasting their salty lime-tinged tortilla chips last year, my mouth waters just thinking about them. When I saw their sign go up on the new strip mall-I-wanted-to-hate down the road from me, I actually squealed. I had visions of fiestas with my girlfriends, indulging in those chips and fresh guacamole - and I have never really liked guacamole, with hunks of avocado and little onion pieces in plain view. I'm pretty sure the restaurant laces their food with crank. But no doubt it's pure and cut by fair trade workers, so I'm good with it.

So imagine my dismay when a student (at the aforementioned high school, actually) told me, after I slipped into a drooling reverie about Chipotle, that McDonald's owned them. My stomach actually hurt. No more delicious, salty, lime-kissed tortilla chips with chunky, fatty (but in a natural way), delicious guacamole? No more ordering barbacoa tacos with my outrageous Spanish accent? Because I am a woman of principles, no matter how much those rich robber barons chuckle in my general direction, and would not frequent a place run by such a corporation. But today, today! Oye como va, amigos.