Saturday, May 5, 2007

free paris!

This is about the funniest thing I've heard all week. I know that's mean and horrible, but there it is. You go, girl. But on foot; you go on foot. Pay attention.

I wonder if she'll start a new trend in brown jumpsuits? That's hot.

[Notice: The news link above has been changed, partly for its hilarious quote but also to relieve the grief I endured from my so-liberal-it-hurts friend who was aghast at my FoxNews link. You're welcome, Michael; start breathing again. Let's hope this small move helps keep The Wall Street Journal out of Rupert's hands...]


Anonymous said...

Either she really is that dense and deserves the wake-up call or she is lying and deserves the wake-up call.

She got caught twice after her license was suspended and skipped out on alcohol counseling. She was just flaunting her status.


Anonymous said...

Bad Mom, you made the right call by updating the link to a real news site. You don't want to further empower the media megalomaniacs, after all. Think of the world we're trying to bequeath to our children.

It's good to breathe again. Thank you for encouraging my behavior. :-p



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