Tuesday, June 5, 2007

didn't i just say it was almost summer?

There is thunder happening. The rain sounds like buckets of water being dumped from my roof onto the patio. It has been gloomy and gray all day. And strangely, none of this helped to keep my students in the classroom. So apparently it's not the irresistible summery sun that makes them skip, it really is me. *sob* I think I feel a poem coming on; a haiku seems appropriate.

teachers sometimes cry
rain and tears mingle sadly
waiting for the sun

That feels much better. Now I'm ready for a little limerick, methinks.

In a class of fine kids I did dwell,
with smarties who tried to write well.
When arrived a crass lad,
they proclaimed him a cad
And told him to go straight to ... I can't think of a good ending rhyme for this one.

Alright then, off I go to do anything that doesn't remind me of the aggravations of teaching. I love my job most of the time; I love my students most of the time. Special props today to the six (yes...) who stuck out the whole time and even helped me put away tables & chairs (my classroom is on a stage, fyi, that I must share with various drama groups and the junior high band next door on any given day; it's a movable feast for certain). I gave them chocolate; I would have hugged every one but that would have been weird (for them), and possibly illegal.

The rain has stopped! A new haiku:

bold sun emerges
thunder is swiftly silenced
clouds retreat humbly

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