Friday, June 1, 2007

i'm so ashamed

Forgive me father, for I have sinn...wait, I'm not Catholic - does this still work? [tap tap] Is this thing on??

I had a date with Harry Connick, Jr. tonight. Had to leave my son's variety show early to get there on time. It was delightful, just me & Harry. And, oh, 2000 other people. But still it felt very intimate, and I had a perfect straight on view of him at his piano. I'm sure he totally had eyes only for me, too, 18 rows back. In the dark. Whatever. The thing I'm so ashamed about is the sudden realization I had during the concert that I neglected to put Harry on my potential second husbands lists! Now, the lists have become a little ridiculous, I admit - I've put a moratorium on additions and started a 'flings' list instead now (because that's less ridiculous...). And honestly, my dear Mr. Connick, Jr. is happily married (um, like me, hi babe!) - he took his father-in-law to lunch yesterday then chatted with him onstage for a bit tonight. Oh, and Mrs. Connick, Jr. is the former Victoria's Secret model Jill Goodacre. Yeah. I'm out. But just for chuckles, here are some endearing and some less than qualities for the list, in case one day a) Stu dies or does something outrageously heinous, b) Mrs. Connick, Jr. dies or does something outrageously heinous, and c) I somehow don't get arrested for stalking him and he decides my devotion is charming.

pros: musical brilliance, generous with time & money, funny, self-deprecating wit, so handsome, adorable n'awlins accent
cons: pretty goofy, intense devotion to music, huge potential for weekly all-night jam sessions in the living room, a little too jazzed about Mardi Gras methinks

*whew* Glad I got that out of my system.

I'm also ashamed because I broke The Compact on a non-jubilee day. I purchased a CD and magnet after the concert (yes, a Harry Connick magnet...don't judge). I was weak. Forgive me, Compacters, for I have sinned. There. I feel so much better now.