Saturday, June 23, 2007

saturdays are fun

Mason just blazed into the house in a frenetic search for Ice Cream Man Money and, apropos of nothing other than his intensely unfocused brain, announced "We're watching Star Wars tech stuff at Jen's and TIE fighters can exist, you know. Bye!" So there you have it. Be sure to watch the news carefully in the next few months for news of existing TIE fighters. Maybe we'll send some to Iraq. Wait, are we the rebels or the Empire? Nevermind.

Since we're on the topic of nonlinear thinking, here are some things that popped up in my sight and/or mind while out & about alone today (more random thoughts come to me when I'm alone...Something about not having to devote brain energy to snarky children in the backseat, I think).
  • A driver in the mall parking lot looked suspiciously like Marilyn Manson. And it's not an attractive look on him to begin with, so on a woman? Frightful. I'm so sorry for you, miss. But on the bright side...well, I can't really think of a bright side.
  • I really, really like the song "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White Ts, but can't decide if it makes me feel more happy or sad. Young & thoughtful, or ancient & wistful? I kinda don't care though.
  • Spent a good deal of time worrying about the trace amounts of modified corn starch, food coloring, and mineral oil in Swedish Fish. They would be really cool on the cupcakes at Paige's underwater-themed birthday party, yet my Wild Oats Momness rejects their ingredients. I bought them. Life is short, let's eat crap now & then.
  • Also obsessed a little over buying a pineapple for the party. Because SpongeBob lives in one under the sea (try to get THAT little song out of your head; I actually whistled it through two stores), and it would be really fun to have as a centerpiece. Found one for $3 at Trader Joe's so if we have to toss it in the compost because it's too hard to cut, not a big loss.
  • Woman in line at Goodwill kept looking at me, leading me to continually feel my hair and check my face & shirt for anything odd going on. Finally she chuckled about another customer who was having issues with her preteen son, and we had a little in-line chat about kids. I think she was lonely - in less than five minutes of chatting, I found out she is a single mom of a just-turned 13 year old daughter who is 5'7", moved from outside LA two years ago and now lives about 20 minutes out of town. Apparently I don't look like a crazy stalker. Good news!

More to come later, surely. Unless I don't actually get anymore alone time; it is officially Summer Break now.