Saturday, June 9, 2007

will smith saves aging suburban housewife

I can't decide if it makes me feel more youthful or ancient, listening to (and gettin' jiggy wit) my 80s music. On the one hand, it takes me back to a time when I was still just enjoying life - no bills, no real responsibilities (other than keeping the piles of notes in my room away from heat sources, and practicing the clarinet to keep from being demoted), when the most troubling thought I had was whether my hair would stay curled all day (it would not). And since retro is in, I have a slight cool advantage with teenagers when I expertly discuss Van Halen or Def Leppard or AC/DC. Some students' jaws dropped when I identified a cell phone ring as "Back in Black." How did you know that?? they asked, incredulous. I was torn - say I'm just awesome that way, or admit the song was on the charts when I was in junior high? I smiled demurely and walked away. Mystery is better. As if they don't already think I'm close to 50.

I still enjoy life, of course, it just takes a little more work now. That seems crazy. I think I will make my major goal this summer to seek & keep more joy everyday. Among other things (I feel a list coming on!), to let myself go ahead and sing (verb used loosely) with Salt 'n Pepa or get jiggy with the young Will, without worrying about the teenagers in the next car pointing & laughing at me. This means, however, that I will have to go back to making sure my hair looks good all day. Because if I'm going to be flaunting my age, I want to look hot doing it. Mom-hot, at least. Does this mean I need to start exercising?? Ugh. This enjoying thing is going to be a hassle.