Tuesday, August 28, 2007

and i want a pony

I love having this teaching job, but I haven't been able to set up my classroom until today - yet when I got there, people were painting it and the furniture I would be using was all over the building. And what I wanted to move into the room was discouraged because they're going to clean the carpets this week. Now, I am grateful for the fresh paint & clean carpets, and having access to extra furniture is a boon.
But I WANT IT NOW. I have only this day! Wednesday we leave for Gold Beach, which is six hundred miles away at the California border (perhaps I exaggerate), and won't be back until late Friday. I was having internal panic - I need to set up my room, I'm already missing technology classes and Open House and fun team-building stuff. And I'm the new person, so asking to get in during the weekend seems crazy. But developing an ulcer while I'm supposed to be enjoying a family vacation seems crazier, so I asked and was generously given access to the building after hours (when all normal people are not at school). Only a true geek would be excited about this, no? I don't care. It's not my classroom until a Cowboys poster and picture of Gael are lovingly placed, along with a mugful of pencils that will be lost and/or stolen by week's end. Then there is the setting up of my new iPod speakers, arranging the desks, creating file folders, labeling turn-in trays, hanging calendars, putting out pictures of my family (so my obsession with hot movie stars is not so terribly pathetic), rearranging the desks, organizing supplies, writing a welcome message on the board, logging in & out of my very own webpage...It never ends. The insanity, that is. But I love it.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm glad that you got the okay to go in this weekend so you can enjoy your sojourn - I just realized you are going to Gold Beach, by Medford. The Rogue River is so lovely. (We used to do the jet boats on the Rogue, closer to Grants Pass.) Please have a peaceful, reviving time with the fam. That classroom (read: not a stage) will be awesome, just in time.

Have fun!!

katydidnot said...

team-building stuff is my personal nightmare, but i can see how you'd love it (you actually like people)so i'm sorry you'll miss it. your classroom will be lovely, all in good time. have so much fun with your family. good times for a bad mom.

Anonymous said...

too funny...have a great trip and a fine time setting up your room



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