Wednesday, August 15, 2007

help! i'm 13 again and totally going to die

Tomorrow I'm seeing Fountains of Wayne again! Have I mentioned that before? Not sure...

Because no great things can happen in my world without obstacles (clearly God thinks I kick ass at handling adversity - or, maybe I don't and he keeps testing me...Hmmm), the cold I suspected was lingering has indeed taken hold. Despite my feeble attempts at knocking it out with Wild Oats juju, the beast has made my nose run (that no-warning-waterfall effect; lovely) and produced sneezes to wake the dead. And then, this behemoth pimple that has the charming effect of a gunshot wound between the eyes. It's making my temples hurt, it's so big. I slapped a bandage over it last night, hoping it will magically disappear, or at least pull out some eyebrow hairs and save me plucking time.

AND, I can't decide what to wear. We're going to a rather posh restaurant before the concert, and a hip downtown lounge afterward. But I really want to show off the FoW t-shirt and possibly get it signed. I AM VEXED. Please help me by voting in the poll over there ----> by this evening. All of my choices are washed and ready; I think I heard the sweaters taking bets in the closet this morning. Be thankful I've narrowed it down to two outfits, and I'm not going to bother asking for help with the shoes.

I have no idea how to dress the pimple. I feel like Jan Brady.