Wednesday, August 15, 2007

it's sweet (and a little weird) how you care

Seriously, I had people who work with friends, people I've never met, weighing in on the "what to wear to Fountains of Wayne" crisis. I love you guys!

Special shout-outs to fellow blogger Elaine, who brought me to my senses with a comment that included the words "more grown-up" and led me to this forum, and a co-worker (Hi, Debby!) of Pamela (wife of Mason's Cub Scout leader - how's that for connections?!) who suggested the slinky black shirt but with the Long & Lean jeans. I had an epiphany - I'd forgotten about my black FoW tank top! I will wear it under the slinky shirt! Best of both worlds, people.

My cyberfriend Kate did such a great Valley Girl impression in my comments that I was actually nauseous. And though I totally (ack) value her opinion, I'm going to save the pink tee for the next album release party, which is more informal. Then I'll have them sign MY SHOULDERS again (story there for another time...stay tuned).

Now. About the shoes...