Thursday, August 30, 2007

maybe the speeding ticket clouds my outlook

I am on a family vacation, but have spent little time with my actual family. My best friend Jen & I drove the six hours here separately because of appointments, commitments, and, well, because we wanted to not experience the closeness of five children in one vehicle for half a day. Once we arrived last night, (after meeting Officer Fink) I had dinner with the kids then it was time for bed. I was too exhausted to hang out in the hot tub with my man. Everyone else went on jet boats from 8am - 2pm today; I declined and spent that time miscalculating distances, writing syllabi for my classes, and generally grousing to myself about this town.

I want to love this place; it has a beautiful beach and an interesting history. Yet every little thing is getting on my last end-of-summer nerve. The grocery store we shopped last night had the in & out doors on the wrong sides, a stinky nasty bottle return was overflowing at the exit, everything was priced as though plated with gold, and there was no discernible order to the aisles. Our beach house is adorable on the outside but, while roomy and outfitted with plenty of dishes, decorated with remnants of somebody's grandma's garage sale. The (only) local bookstore that is touted online as The Largest on the Oregon Coast was not as dreamy as I'd hoped (lacking that old paper/worn floorboards aroma) and its wi-fi cost $2.50 plus a cafe purchase - even though I'd just bought $18 worth of books. There were no NO adorable little bakeries, tea houses, gift shops, or delis. I spied many promising storefronts that ended up being deserted buildings once I'd finally arrived in front of them with my tired, blistered feet. I wish I'd remembered to bring my pedometer; if the tenth of a mile I walk around my house during the course of a day was impressive, today's sad expedition would have been frickin' awe-inspiring.

So I am loving the time I (eventually) get to spend with my family & friends, and I'm glad for having finished some of my school work, and of course thankful that we are all safe, healthy, and able to enjoy a vacation. I can't wait to get home. (Stu will be driving).