Friday, August 17, 2007

vague sense of dissatisfaction ~ it's not you, it's me

Dear Fountains of Wayne Chris, Adam, Jody, Brian & Keyboard Guy whose name I don't know but you're very cute,

Good morning from the fan you may wish you never had. I have ridiculously high expectations. I was singing along last night at Wonder Ballroom, completely enamored with each of you. You all (except Keyboardist but only because I can't find any info about you, not because there's anything wrong with you) are on my Potential Second Husbands list. I am not crazy though; please read on.

It's my fault for loving you so much and playing all of your albums every day for the last week (which is not terribly different from many other weeks in the year), and building this appearance up as the Best Thing Ever. For the record, it was - until you were finished at 1 hour 15 minutes. Without playing "I-95," "Hotel Majestic," or my favorite from your new album, "This Better Be Good." Not to mention no "Utopia Parkway," "Red Dragon Tattoo," or "All Kinds of Time" (I wore my quarterback tank top! It's football season!). And only 2 songs from Out-of-State Plates! *sigh*

I gleefully bought tickets to the Portland concert as soon as I saw the stop on your tour calendar. I was giddy - it's the week before my birthday, perfect present, haven't seen all of you since Dante's (saw Chris & Adam at Music Millennium for the release of Out-of-State Plates - which was a delight! But not the same...). Got Traffic & Weather early since I ordered it from your online store (thanks! Extra glee!). No more exclamation points, I promise.

Essentially, my geekiliciousness caused me to make the concert a bigger-than-life event - it was featured in many posts on my blog. And I just wanted to let you know how I loved it so yet was terribly sad it ended so early. I get that it was cheap and Chris' butt hurt (get well soon). I still love you.

Have fun in Vegas - watch your cash, keep your ships together. I'll be driving my friends & family nutty waiting for your next concert.

Adoringly, if a little neurotically,
stephanie s. aka bad mom
vancouver, wa