Sunday, September 9, 2007

gimme an F! gimme an O! gimme an...oh nevermind

I am not the cheerleader. I'm the girl who actually likes football and watches the game. I can't be bothered with hyping up the fans; it requires looking away from the field. That's silly. Nevermind the fact that I have (much) more than 10% body fat and no real coordination.

Today is the big day! Although the NFL foolishly scheduled the actual first game of the season last Thursday, when no one was really watching. Including the New Orleans Saints themselves, who scored just 10 points to the Colts' 41. Only the Thanksgiving Day match-ups should be played on Thursday; who made this crazy decision? It threw everyone off. Do I have to be president of the NFL, too?

So, I've made my To Do list for today and unless you're one of my best friends or Tony Romo, or a pile of laundry that I can manage during 2-minute commercial breaks, get ready for some inattention. My mom found a magnet for my husband - "We interrupt this marriage for the football season." It's front & center on the fridge this morning.

And even though they relegated him & the Monday Night gang to ESPN, I still say Bring it, Hank. Yeeha.