Thursday, September 20, 2007

i've been tagged and i can't get up!

I will be responding to the meme that not one but two people have tagged me with, but it will be on my other blog and later. Because I am (SURPRISE!) barely one step ahead of myself in the teaching/momming/wifing/friending/PTA-ing world. Actually, I think I'm about a half mile behind in the wifely duty department but you don't want to know about that...Or if you do, keep it to yourself, please.

Come back soon! I will recover; I can smell Friday and it is delicious.


Trenting said...

I smell Friday too,
Just like cotton candy..

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

MMMMmmm Friday.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to lighten your load. {Well, anything appropriate that is. I rightfully leave the wifely stuff up to you. =]}

katydidnot said...

hurry hurry hurry

Anonymous said...

You have to get this done before you go out with Jen or it won't get done in time.....

Love you.

Bad Dad


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