Sunday, September 2, 2007

just don't know what to do with myself

(But it probably won't be poledancing to White Stripes...For a variety of reasons that I don't want to discuss...).

I spent another bunch of after-hours fixing up my classroom today. It's pretty weird being alone in a school, especially when I wasn't entirely sure I'd correctly disarmed the building. I followed the directions and there were no sirens or anything, but still. My confidence wanes with the strangest things.

Yesterday I forgot to bring tacks and the pictures I wanted to put up, so I spent the time arranging and rearranging tables (seriously - there are only nine of them, and 20 chairs, but that's who I am). I also moved my desk & computer three times, not counting the minuscule shifts I made once I'd decided on its general place. Oh, I did remember my books and rack (not a punishment device but a stand for paperbacks), so I set those up, too. And I put out the assignment tray from IKEA, which I assembled using my bare fingers and a scissor blade. Sigh. I love this stuff. The fact that none of my students will appreciate the care I put into each detail of this room does not affect me; it's a true passion/sickness.

Today, I painted my office (I have an office!). Funny story, this. The giant double bookcase was too heavy to move, so I decided to just paint up to it. Then I realized I couldn't reach the top of the walls, even when standing on one of the 20 chairs. So the end effect is only slightly less crappy than before. If no one looks toward the ceiling or to the left, it's much better really. Since I remembered to bring posters and such (and tacks), I plastered them around for fun and distraction. This required more deliberation and a ridiculous amount of time. The kids came with me and, after a few hours of drawing and listening to their CD players, started asking if we were done yet. NO! Hand me the pictures of books, and tacks! Must...Do...More. Not...Yet...Perfection.

I kind of hate that I want to go back again tomorrow. But I want to put up a couple of "welcome" signs, and maybe a few more author postcards. And, I don't know, revel in the mine-ness of the room. Blaring the "naughty mom" playlist on my new iPod speakers. Because when will I get to do that again soon? (I'll post pictures! But not of me poledancing...).