Saturday, September 29, 2007

soooo...sunday already, huh?

In case you haven't scrolled all the way down lately (there's good stuff there, check it out; I work hard for my readers), it's only 10 months, 3 weeks and 4 days until my 40th birthday. You might also notice, if you looked carefully at the things I put a lot of time & effort into (no guilt), my little birthday counter says "leaving the country." This isn't an indication of a mid-life crisis; I have invited my husband along and plan to return (with him) after a couple of weeks. I just think a European vacation is in order now that I know I'll be getting a substantial paycheck at least through August. So it's time to start planning. And I must say I'm finding it rather irritating that most websites can't give me a heads-up about the cost of a trip a mere 9 months away. What's wrong with these people?

I've started planning already (NO, not because I'm neurotic) so I know how much money to save and so I can begin reading all about the places I'm going to visit. Plus I've changed my (our, really, but Stu has no real opinion about where to go; every new itinerary leaves him sighing and trying to sound sincere muttering, "Mmmhmm, okay.") destinations numerous times since beginning research. I originally thought just a long stay in London, then decided to tour all of Great Britain, then wanted to see Amsterdam, but THEN I found enticing trips including Paris and Venice and Rome (oh my). Now I'm beginning to stumble upon the same unhelpful websites numerous times; it's making my head hurt and my butt numb.

Perhaps it's time to take a break. I have to grade the short stories and poem responses my good students worked hard to turn in Friday. And tomorrow is football & laundry day, too (it's a sight to see - I almost broke my neck on the stairs last week, trying to get one load in the dryer and another in the washer before two minutes of commercials finished). I should get some sleep for the busy day ahead.

But first I need to see how much it is for a drive to Stonehenge...