Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A to Z me

Thank you, bff Lisa. My next post could have been entitled "Why I Might Quit My Job In the Next Thirty Hours" or "500 Ways Teenagers Ruin Poetry." But you saved me (actually, so did the very same teen students I was getting a headache from - this afternoon's seating arrangement miraculously improved their ability to listen without giggling or poking people or throwing objects across the room). Anyhoo. Deep breath. I'm home I'm home I'm home.
The rules:
List a word that describes you for every letter of the alphabet. Offer as much or as little explanation as you wish. Please keep the words positive (for example, don’t use “fat” for F or “lame” for L), and feel free to get creative. Tag as many or as few people as you wish. Link back to your tagger and forward to your taggees.

Amazing (it's what my cross-dressing student says to me everyday - I think that's a pretty high compliment)
Cowboys fan
Earnest (it's important, you know...ha - this is me being droll)
Goen (my maiden name - wait, don't say it: Where ya goin'? How's it goin'? Hilarious)
Insouciant (I'm really not at all, but isn't it the most lovely word to roll off your tongue?)
Kettle Chip eater
Latte, with vanilla, thank you
Mason's mom
Paige's mom
Queen, naturally
Ravenous reader
Tenacious at times
Urbanite at heart (my alter ego dwells in an upscale downtown apartment with a doorman, where she walks to the grocery store and her man takes the train to work; they're featured in an old song by Sheena Easton)
Witty, wife
Xenial (I had to look it up; thankfully I'm not xenomenial)
Yet (it's such a hopeful word)
Zest - for life, not the soap
My usual tagees can take the baton - Kate, Suz...Um, I have no other blog friends who want to do these things. L is for lonely? JK.