Saturday, December 8, 2007

notes to self

#1 You are a poor judge of distance.

Remember how it seemed so easy to just walk walk walk all around London for three days? You signed up for multiple walking tours and proceeded to walk on your own all over town, even when not on an actual walking tour? Do you recall the burning shin splints that lasted long after the thrill of the walking? Then remember when you & Stu went to Lake Tahoe for the wedding that wasn't? And when driving into town from Reno, it seemed like just a short way from the casinos to the hotel? So when you had some time to spare at the end of the day, it felt like a really fun idea to hike that "short way" back to the casinos? But in reality it was four miles and as you took each step your brain begged Go back and get the car NOW...or HITCHHIKE! Yet you trudged on until all you wanted to do was crumple to the floor of Caesar's and cry.

#2 You are a poor judge of temperature and its effects.

Remember that lecture hall at WSU where each floor had its own climate - one floor was jungle-like while the next was near subzero? And remember how it took you nearly five years to adjust your wardrobe to this situation? You would wear only the heaviest sweater to the equatorial rooms then forget your jacket for classes in the Arctic rooms. And that trip to London again, when jeans seemed like a fine choice even though England is farther north and generally colder in the winter than the Pacific NW. You had to seek out thick woolen tights to wear under those jeans everyday. And when visiting Snow City in Singapore - you thought you didn't need to rent pants & gloves; what's 32 degrees when it's 90 outside? Um, still freezing, dummy.

Please consider these facts in the future when deciding whether or not to ride in the Cobra after dark in 40 degree December, 25 minutes each way. No one on the road believes you're a fun-lovin' free spirit; they think you're a moron. There is no prize for being the most frozen individual at the party - there isn't even any coffee or tea. Your frost-bitten ears and icy cheeks are not thanking you. And those wind-whipped tears wasted precious milligrams of your new creme shaper for eyes.

To review: