Thursday, January 10, 2008

bad teacher

So I'm supposed to be grading limericks tonight, like right now, but I've just returned from the PTA meeting/social event at Applebee's (they were two different excursions; don't be jealous) and it's kinda late [but I am NOT drunk! Does that sound too defensive?] and I just want to sleep. I'm torn, because I am subbing first period for the teacher who shares my classroom so technically I should be going to bed so I'm capable of getting up earlier; but then I won't have time to read everyone's poems before fourth period and I promised - yeah, smart move, teacher lady. Not only did I promise but I said these words: "I absolutely utterly promise I will get your stuff graded tonight." Wha? [I was NOT high during class]. I said that because a) I was supposed to look over their work Tuesday but instead watched 3:10 to Yuma (again) and b) I was supposed to look over their work last night but instead went to bed at 9:28 and c) I completely forgot about the #*&%(*)#@&(*# PTA meeting tonight (which is always, per mandate, followed by drinks and appetizers at a bar).

There once was a teacher who lied
...this can only end badly.


Anonymous said...

Get to work woman. I have some things I want you to do tonight too.....

Glad you got to go out with the ladies tonight.

Melanie said...

Is it sick that I kind of wish I had a stack of limericks to grade?

I mean, if you've got to grade SOMETHING, I'm thinking limericks are the way to go.

(Please e-mail me the dirty ones, OK?)

stephanie said...

Stu: Thank you, darling, for the selfless compassion. And on the other hand (so to speak), I appreciate the time out with my peeps.

Melanie: Not sick at all; I do love my job. But alas, no dirty limericks (I guess I taught it wrong).

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You aren't a liar, just a drinker.

Just kidding!

You listened to my ranty rants about school; I've been very crabby.

Now I feel a little better. I'm ready to storm the castle, write letters?

Mrs. G. said...

This is when I take in a bag of fun size snickers and beg for forgiveness. The sugar helps and the kids actually like to razz me for my occasional tardiness at returning things.

tripleZmom said...

I agree with Mrs.G - bribery is best. Not that I ever promised my students something and failed to grade it/return it/plan it properly, of course.


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